sole has soul


a barefoot band

one man, acoustic guitar, gravely vocals, bassy beat box, wah pedals, unconventional percussion, original music, vintage synthesizers, sampling technology

ten toes



imported to the Pacific NW from the open sky of Wyoming, a lone boy seeks to reconcile a love for acoustic sound, open space, digital effects, and tight house beats.  a lurid fascination with loop machines, acoustic guitars, original compositions, creative song covers, and beat-box finally led to the shoeless phonic ephiphony that is the barefoot band.


yeah, the barefoot band is just one dude.  me.  everyone who wants one should have a band,   but in all seriousness, keeping one of those band things together can be harder than it looks.  so, i bought too many instruments, too many toys, and it’s all allowed the barefoot band to stand alone and embody the full, hops-brewed strength and soul of a band entire.  out of

this is my face.